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We Help Online Brands Scale

...without expensive fees or lengthy contracts.

Ready to Scale Your Ads, Profitably?

Our Guarantee:

Low Fees, No Lengthy Contracts & Profitable Results

Our team will work endlessly to ensure we not only scale your paid ads profitably, but also to enable your business to sustain those results long-term.

The best part? We don't charge ridiculously high retainers or performance fees for our services, nor do we require any long-term contracts.

What we offer

Meta and TikTok Ads Growth

From Meta to TikTok, we deliver tailor-made paid advertising solutions, ensuring your brand reaches the right audience and achieves outstanding results. Trust Slapped to boost your sales, leads, and customer base, slapping (quite literally) your competition taking your business to new heights.

  • Meta and TikTok Ads Management.

  • Ad creation and Creative Testing.

  • Meta Commerce Setup.

  • Custom API Tracking.

Your Business Deserves Sustainable Results

Launched and managed Facebook, Instagram and TikTok advertising for the flagship product on a new DTC channel.

Averaged 3x ROAs.

CarpalAID ®

Performed a deep dive into all paid media accounts across all platforms and slashed wasteful spending. We also unleashed the power of TikTok ads to supercharge their success.

Averaged 4.5x ROAs


Igniting e-commerce growth. Through strategic media buying on both Facebook and TikTok, we transformed Cubag into a revenue powerhouse.

Averaged 6x ROAs


Our Onboarding Process To Begin Working With Slapped

Launch Your Ads This Week.

Discovery Call

Schedule your Discovery Call where we break down your brand's current logistics and establish if working together will be a great fit.

Account Audit

Once we complete our Discovery Call, our team will create a custom made audit breaking down what our approach will be to help your brand scale using Meta and TikTok Ads. We'll discuss the details of our audit during our follow up call.

Asset Gathering & Ad Creation

We will gather all of your brand's assets and begin creating new ads for your brand.

Going Live

Once our ads are completed and approved by your team, we'll launch our ad campaigns. We oversee your account daily and make data backed decisions to ensure we can scale profitably and sustainably.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Scale The Typical Ecom Brand?

Every business is different and being able to identify the exact timeline a business will begin scaling is just not possible. However, once we conduct our brand assessment upon you being onboarded, we'll provide you with all the information to let you know our plan of action.

How Long Does It Take To Launch Our First Campaign?

Once you complete our onboarding process, we will sure we have access to your Meta and TikTok Ads Manager and begin to create new ads. If everything is setup properly, you can expect to launch our first campaigns within one week.

Do I Commit To A Long Term Contract Working With Slapped?

We specialize in profitably growing your e-commerce business and true growth doesn't happen overnight. We offer our new clients an initial 3-month agreement so we can build concrete systems that stand the test of time within their business. However, no two business are the same, so we may propose a custom agreement best suited for you.

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